We have decided to switch back to a conventional anti-cheat after finding we have many users using mac's.  I will be testing out another another paid anti-cheat see how well this one works while I wait for the mac/linux version clients to roll out.


As some of you know we have been having some issues with false positives with our old anti-cheat, so I have been trying out some new anti-cheats over the last few days without much success.  With that being said I have decided to go the extreme route to get around all the annoying false positves and lag caused by our anti-cheat measues such as anti-xray.

With our new system you will be prompted in the lobby to download a file which you will run while you are connected to the server.  Once you have run the file it will then tell you either your good to go, in which case you can then right click your head and select the server you wish to connect to or it will kick you and tell you your clients modifications are not accepted here.

Hopefuly this solves most issues we are seeing with cheating and all the accusations that come with it.

If you have any issues please post them on the forums so others can see your issue and try to help you as well.

This application is ONLY applicable on windows for now but mac and linux versions should be rolling out soon.

Application Download: 


Virus Total Report:


Quick Tutorial:



[Owner] Muffinman7799 ao You only download the first link, the second link just shows you it's clean of viruses.
[T4] AlmightyGee download*
[T4] AlmightyGee So i need to dowload those 2 links?

Okay as much of you know we have updated most of our servers to 1.10.

The following servers have been updated:

  • Factions
  • Creative
  • KitPvP

Servers left to be updated:

  • Survival

If you come accross any bugs or problems please report these issues on the forums or in-game to staff.


[T4] AlmightyGee Why can't i join to the server 1.10?


[Owner] Muffinman7799 ao posted Sep 12, 16

Okay boys it's that time of year again, we are beginning the process of updating the following servers to 1.10.

  • Survival
  • Factions
  • Creative

The creative server has already been updated and all users plots have been migrated over, so you shouldn't notice any differences other than the new features.

The factions server is in the process of being fully migrated, which I will finish once our spawn is completed. With that being said beaware of an upcoming wipe of ALL stats (including balance, mcmmo, etc) when the new factions server is released, I am giving a time spand of about a week to two weeks until we complete the process and release the factions server.

The last server to be finished will be the survival server which will wipe everything just like the factions server, and will be released once the spawn is completed.

I will keep this post updated as we complete things.


How's it going everyone, this post is to let you know of the new changes on our servers!

We are also having a sale for the following month 40% off everything!


  • The command /f perm "faction" container has now been disabled to players to increase raiding as now all faction chests can be opened unless properly protected.
  • Nametags have been re-added to ranked players.
  • Chat colors have been removed from non-ranked players.
  • Leaderboards have been re-added to spawn. (suggestions on a new leaderboard?)
  • Spawners can now be purchased at /warp spawners.
  • Playershops have been re-added to the server at /warp playershops and now they are protected from tnt/griefing.
  • A public raid has been setup and is now live at /warp publicraid.
  • Damage delt to other players is now shown.
  • mcMMO messages now show up in the action bar to reduce chat spam.
  • /f top will show the top factions determined by item values.
  • You can purchase some spawners with in game money at /warp spawners.


  • Leaderboards now at the spawn area.
  • [AAC] Anti-cheat constantly being updated.


  • We now have a new creative world using plots as our system of choice, check it out at /server creative.


  • Re-added the survival server for us to test out the new 1.9 changes.
  • To use this server you must set your minecraft version to 1.9 and to access our other servers you will have to be on a varation of 1.8 such as 1.8.9.
  • This server has the basic essential commands that you can see for yourself using /help, such as /sethome, /home, /tpa, /tpaccept, /spawn, /wild etc.
  • There are going to be many bugs as expected with new versions of minecraft so remember to post if you need help on the forums if I am not around.

Enjoy the new changes!